Selling Preparation

Prepare yourself for the process

Preparing yourself psychologically is really the first step to handing over the keys. You will have a lot of emotions coming to the surface when you say goodbye to the home that you made memories in. The selling process can take time and be frustrating. You will have to pick an agent to do the advertising, marketing and handle the sales process. Other things to do: Begin planning, start packing up, or maybe start to look for a new home.

Try to see the process of selling someone’s house in the neighbourhood, and not like your home.  If you want it to go smoothly it is best to prepare yourself for the process that lies ahead and know what can be expected. Knowing the selling process will increase the chance of a sale going smoothly.

Consider the following:

Why do you want to sell?

It could be because of work, family reasons or maybe you need to dispose of your asset.


How urgently do you need to sell your house?  

Whatever your personal timeline is, you’ll want to price your house realistic and price it in line with the current market values of similar properties that are traded in your local neighbourhood.


How will I go about to determine the correct market value of my property?

You can ask us or you can decide this yourself with correct market data and information of properties that sold in the neighbourhood.  Some companies sell “deeds office property information”. A standard report could cost from R50 -R150. On these reports, there is information about properties that sold in your area. You can then compare the sold properties to yours.  We will provide you with a free sales report when you want us to list your property.


How many and which agents will I use?

You will have to choose someone who is informed about the current market and they must be capable of marketing your property correctly.


What paperwork is needed?  

The Title deeds and compliance certificates must be provided to the buyer for a successful sale.  We can arrange inspectors for you. Electrical, Electric Fence, Gas and Beetle certificate is required to transfer the property.


What repairs and maintenance must be done?

Determine how much you can spend, and fix what is needed to sell your property. Lightbulbs,  leaking taps or getting the garden cleaned.


How will you prepare and present your property to buyers?

Clean and clear your property to open up space and show buyers what they are really buying. Declutter and start boxing personal items. Clean the garden. Make a list of things that need to be done.


How will I get all the occupants of the house to work with me during the process?

Inform them of your decision and what you plan to achieve your goal.


Is the tenant in alliance with me to achieve my objectives?

Having a rental property you don’t fully have control over can be challenging.
Make sure you communicate with tenants and get them on your side. You must understand that the property is their home and personal space.
They are faced with the fact that they will have to move.


How will I respond to negative feedback from buyers?

You know your property, but over time there could be things that are overlooked. An outsider will notice negative attributes. Be open to finding out what it is. You can ask a friend to give their honest opinion.

Try not to get too excited the moment you advertise it. This new adventure can make the adrenaline pump and afterwards lead to disappointment if there is not an immediate response. Sometimes the demand is slow or it could just be the season.

Getting an offer is a wonderful,  but it can be stressful to decide whether or not to take it. It must make sense and the decision is ultimately yours. You usually have time, so it’s best to sleep on it.  

A low ball offer can be discouraging. Remember not to take it personally! The buyer is not trying to offend you (although it might feel that way), he is simply trying to get a good deal. These days buyers do their homework easily with the internet. Discuss the offer with the agent.

Selling your property is a big decision and marketing it is also a big task. You must be absolutely sure that you really want to do it and carry out the necessary steps.

One of the most proactive ways you can deal with the home selling stress is to Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!  Know the selling process and let us help you.

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